Faye Kellerman

Faye Kellerman ( 1952 —  ) was born in St. Louis, but grew up in Sherman Oaks, CA. and attended UCLA, where she earned degrees in Math (1974) and Dental Surgery (1978), but she has never practiced.

Married to detective novelist/ psychologist Jonathan Kellerman, she is an Orthodox Jew who writes often about Jewish themes and characters. In her faye_kellerman17 novels Los Angeles police detective Peter Decker, who rediscovers his Judaism after being raised as a Baptist, and his Orthodox wife Rina Lazarus, solve crimes that typically involve (and demystify) rituals, traditions, and histories of the Jewish diaspora. They meet in her first and best known novel, The Ritual Bath (1986).  There are now 25 books in this series, the latest being Walking Shadows (2018).

“My life is centered around family, children and Judaism,” says Kellerman, “but I enjoy reading about other cultures, so I thought that there were people out there who might enjoy reading about my culture. Hence Rina was born. Peter came later.” This series is somewhat unusual in portraying the active domestic life of the detective and his wife.

The most religious of the novels are detailed at this website devoted to “clerical detective novels” – http://www.detecs.org/decker.html.   The Wikipedia link is also good.