Double Indemnity (novel & film)

James M. Cain (right) had written an eight-part serial, "Double Indemnity," for Liberty magazine in 1936. Part reworking of Postman, part recollection of his youth selling insurance, the novel Double Indemnity  (1941)  portrayed a corporate/legal control of life that amounted to "double jeopardy" and appealed to Depression readers' sense of helplessness. (Hoopes 1982: 248).    … Continue reading Double Indemnity (novel & film)

Farewell, My Lovely (novel & film)

Farewell, My Lovely (1940) is famous for its metaphors. Chandler's second novel also features one of the richest troves of grotesque characters in American literature. The plot may be disjointed but the theme is sure. This was Chandler's favorite novel, and many critics think it his best. Foremost among the grotesques is Moose Malloy, a … Continue reading Farewell, My Lovely (novel & film)